Food videos to watch online

Hurrah! Exams are over / nearly over and you probably have a little bit of spare time now so why not explore the internet for some inspirational food videos?

The following are a couple of my recommendations.

1. Food Curated

Food Curated

Food curated is a site put together by Liza Mosquito de Guia (yes, you are reading that correctly, Mosquito). She has a love for food and for telling a good story which just about perfectly explains what Food Curated is. Based in the US, Liza films and edits short videos of passionate food producers and their products, covering everything from Harissa chili paste to oysters. They are absolutely delightful to watch!

2. Taste Made


Perhaps you've already seen a couple of the videos from Taste Made floating around Facebook... According to their 'About' page, they 'enable Tastemakers to come together to discover and share their passion for great food and travel'. Food AND travel? I could spend a whole day on this site watching their video hosts share food from around the world. Some of my favourites are Day of Gluttony (two Asian guys eating things from different parts of america) and Hungry For (recipes from around the world).

OK, think that's enough to get you started on a food show binge.

Have suggestions for other good food channels on the internet? Why not share them in the comments below!




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