Food Wastage

I'm sure that most of you at some point in your life would have heard this statement, "Girl/boy-ah, finish your food, there are hungry children starving in Africa you know?" As annoying as this statement may be, I do find that a lot of us can be quite complacent about food wastage. Most of us think of food wastage as the food that we don't finish on our plate or the stuff in our fridge that gets tossed out because it has gone mouldy, but actually it starts much earlier than that in the food supply chain...

In this TED talk, Tristam Stuart, a self-proclaimed 'bin inspector', explores the issue of food wastage and calls for a better more responsible use of the earth's resources. It's definitely an eye opener and one I highly recommend.

Global food wastage is such an issue that even Jamie Oliver has started trying to tackle the problem. You can read how he is trying to do so here and here.

If the issue of food wastage is something close to your heart, you may consider volunteering with Food from the Heart. Food from the Heart is a charitable organisation in Singapore that started by collecting left-over bread from food businesses and distributing it to those who are in need. They also man food distribution centres in several areas of Singapore. As part of that programme they request that food businesses that have food that is not be suitable for sale but that is other wise safe for consumption be donated for them so that it can be distributed to those who are in need. You could help by volunteering some of your time at the food distribution centres.

Other ways you could explore the issue of food wastage is by reading this blog and this blog. You may also wish to watch 'Just Eat It' which follows 2 food lovers, Jen and Grant as they spend one year surviving on wasted food.

Just Eat It - A food waste story (Official Trailer) from Grant Baldwin on Vimeo.

There are two ways you can watch this movie, you could 1) Host a community screening or 2) Bug your teacher to purchase a copy of the DVD with the necessary licenses. If you're passionate about the issue, why not try to host a community screening? You could even raise funds for your school by selling tickets!

Alternatively, how about creating your own movie or report on food wastage and sharing it with your friends? If you get down to doing that, let us know in the comments below!

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