Nathan Myhrvold’s Modernist Cuisine

You might not know it (or maybe you do), but there's an intense amount of science that goes into the cooking of food. Just take for example that beautiful brown crust that forms on your bread... that's a complex chemical reaction between proteins and carbohydrates that happens at high temperatures AND in dry conditions. Or as another example, wonderful mayonnaise is the magical result of egg yolk being able to bind otherwise unbindable ingredients vinegar and oil together to form what is known as an emulsion. (By the way, you'll get to learn about both of these reactions in upper secondary food & nutrition)

Ah... the science of food, an art in itself and truly employed to great effect in Nathan Myhrvold's books "Modernist Cuisine". In this video, Myhrvold geeks out on the food science talk and explains the process that went into the making of his book. I have two words for it, Absolutely Extraordinary.

If you ever want to buy your FCE/F&N teacher an inspiring gift, I would definitely put this on the top of the list haha

(What I'd like to know, how on earth did he keep the water in the pan if that thing was sawn in half?!)

And if you'd like more of his kitchen and food science geekiness, check out his cooking website, ChefSteps. It's chock-a-block with cool resources and some free cooking tutorials.

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