Pancake Art – Part 2

If you've never made pancakes before and you're an absolute beginner, I recommend that you start with ... PANCAKE PREMIX. Yes, yes, I know what you're saying, 'PREMIX? Where's the skill in that?'. But, hear me out... if you've never done this before, then it's better to be able to just concentrate on making some nice shapes and flipping them properly. You can use a premix like the one below. The nice thing about this is that  you can keep the bottle for the next time you make pancakes from scratch.


So with the premix, just mix it up according to instructions and concentrate on learning when the pancakes are ready to be flipped over (they're ready when the outer rim of the pancakes are dry while the centre of the pancake is still slightly moist). Also practise turning the pancakes over with your spatula.

If you fancy you're at a more intermediate level, then you can make your pancakes from scratch using a recipe like this one.

The recipe calls for vinegar, but if you don't have that lying around your house, don't sweat it. Alternatively you could ask your neighbours nicely if they'd give you a couple of limes as lime juice would do the trick too.

Here are the ingredients that I used


And here's the equipment that you'll need


When making up the batter, stir the wet and dry ingredients together just until there are no more visible lumps. Try and avoid over stirring because that will develop the gluten in the flour and make your pancakes hard. Once the batter is ready, fill your squeezy sauce bottle and then you're NEARLY ready to rock and roll!

I recommend first planning what patterns you'll be attempting


Once your pan has heated up, use your batter to draw the outline first and give it some time in the pan to brown.


After it's been in the pan for a while, you can fill it in the gaps with more pancake mix.


Once the outline looks dry and the bubbles have come to the surface, you can flip the pancake over, give it a while longer in the pan (~ 1 - 2 minutes), and your pancake should be done!

IMG_3347As you can see from my photograph, the heat wasn't even in my pan so it didn't brown uniformly. You should attempt these a couple of times so that you can get used to the time needed for the outline to achieve the right colour and learn when to turn the pancakes over.

Another tip, get a good sauce bottle so you don't end up with a mess...


And here are my finished pancakes!

IMG_3342No where near as beautiful as some of the ones made on YouTube but a good first attempt. Definitely equally as fun to eat as they were to make, so give it a go. I recommend serving these with melted butter, maple syrup and some fresh cut fruit!


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  • Evelyn

    Your pancakes look too pretty to be eaten! This is a good idea to get children to prepare their own food while having fun 🙂

    • Ms Lee

      Thanks Evelyn, yes it was really really fun!

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