Pancake Art – Part 1

Jim's Pancakes

Pancakes! Who doesn't love a good pancake? Especially when they're made into shapes like these? (The one above was made by Jim, you can click on the picture to have a look at his website.)

Jenni Price has a wonderful tutorial on how to make an ice-cream cone pancake which is perfect for a school lunch box or a special kid's weekend breakfast. She's even tried to make it healthier by using whole wheat flour. I'm hoping she used some natural food colouring as well...

Here's a video on cute pancake animals by Jaunty Jane. She doesn't colour her pancakes but uses different lengths of cooking time to change the shade of different parts of the pancake. What skill! I wonder how many pancakes she burnt to get everything just right..

Alright, are you inspired to try some of your own yet?

We're going to get you from ground zero to pancake stardom in a 3 part tutorial. Follow along by subscribing for email updates in the side bar. In the mean time, here are a couple of other pancake inspiration things.


Note for the secondary school F&N student ~ This is a great recipe and shows off a fair amount of skill, so do consider it. Cooking method - Frying; Skill - Batter Making


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  • SH

    Those pancakes look too good to be eaten.

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