Veggie Thursday

After last week's post on factory farming, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce Veggie Thursday to you. What's Veggie Thursday all about? Well basically the idea is to set Thursday aside as the day in the week in which you eat only vegetarian meals. According to the Singapore Veggie Thursday website, the idea of having one vegetarian day per week was suggested a few years back by Dr R.K. Pachauri of the UN's Intergovernmenal Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Since then, different cities around the world have endorsed the idea, usually choosing either Monday or Thursday.

meatless monday

But why on earth would you want to go vegetarian for one day a week in the first place? If you want the short story, having vegetarian meals is good for your health, good for the environment, helps you to save money and it's good for the animals! You can read more about those reasons from the Singapore Veggie Thursday site or from the American Meat Free Monday site. Or if you prefer to watch something, here's a guy who talks about being a weekday vegetarian.

While I know many of you are probably not going to go vegetarian for all the weekdays, why not try going vegetarian just once a week? You could grab a couple of friends and choose vegetarian options from your canteen on Thursday. Or you could all choose to bring your own vegetarian lunch to school on that day. You could even go one step further and tell at least one friend per week about your movement. Or why not get your teachers involved by inviting them to join you during recess? I challenge you to give it a go and have as much fun with it as you can!

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