Where does your food come from?

Ever stopped to think about where the food on your plate comes from? Where was the bok choy in your stir fry grown and how was the chicken in your satay raised? In land scarce Singapore, most of our food is imported from neighbouring (and sometimes not so neighbouring) countries. We're quite far removed from how our food was produced and frankly it seems, not a lot of us even care. That is of course until there's some big news about asbestos going into milk or something like that... Until something like that happens, the prevailing attitude seems to be, 'As long as it tastes good and it's not too expensive, who cares where it came from or how it was grown / raised / harvested / slaughtered?'

The video above gives an introduction to the concept of factory farming. It is something which is not commonly talked about in our country because we are not an agricultural nation. While I am certainly not asking you to become vegetarian, I do hope that this will start you being a bit more conscious about what is on your plate.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this in the comments!

(Videos are from The Meatrix website. If you visit their site, consider taking some time to explore the other agricultural issues which the authors of the video care about.)


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